It’s not just a photoshoot, it’s an experience.

A2 Photography and Bella Anna Photography, two of Montana’s best photographers, host creative monthly photoshoots to help new models start a portfolio, experienced models keep their portfolios up to date, and/or provide professional and creative images to ANYONE who needs or wants them!

We began hosting these photoshoots in December of 2019, starting strong with a Roaring 20’s themed shoot. The next one we got in before COVID shut us down was in February with a dreamy monochromatic white studio shoot. With Alex’s new studio space and both of us back to running full capacity we are excited to announce our relaunch in September 2021 with a scarily awesome theme just in time to break the internet for Halloween.

We wanted to really do this thing right, so we have the same business model but with tons more opportunity. What you get will be the same every time!

We offer:

-Professionally taken and edited photos

-Professional Behind The Scenes video

-Professional 30 second to 2 minute model video

-Professional makeup

Not only is this a great opportunity to work with two professional photographers, a professional makeup artist, and a professional videographer, this is also a perfect way to network with other models and industry professionals.

MTC is where you can obtain great modeling experience, meet other likeminded individuals from the area, and receive professional images. It’s difficult to come up with creative concepts, it’s expensive to find and pay for photographers, and it is time consuming to get everything necessary to shoot (hair, makeup, and the entire day to shoot). Plus many other difficulties like scheduling and getting props. We understand these difficulties and have geared these photoshoots to solving these problems while also providing opportunity to be style by local boutiques, network with other models, photographers, and makeup artists, get published in magazines, and so much more.

Our goal is to provide a blissful photoshoot experience, professional makeup, professional images, and unique opportunities from two of Montana’s most popular photographers to any model.