Retouching Levels

Each level is a different pricE poiNt depending on the specific photoshoot


We never “shave off pounds,” body morphing or warp any other permanent features. We only edit skin by removing blemishes, touching up makeup, and helping with discoloration. Other elements (except previously mentioned body morphing) can be edited and will be upon request.

Model: Sophia Berta

Level 1

Very natural and very minimal. May remove a few noticeable blemishes but skin is mostly left untouched.

Model: Rayna Laakso

Level 2

A mid-level retouch. All blemishes are removed, some makeup may be touched up, and skin may appear slightly smoother or enhanced.

Model: Caroline Rose

Level 3

This level is the most stylized and highly retouched. All blemishes completely removed, makeup completely enhanced, skin is smoothed, and coloration is enhanced

Pricing & Packages


* Please Notice *

I provide shoots beyond these packages. These packages are put together for the purpose of providing a baseline. Sessions are completely customizable and often go beyond a simple portrait session. Please contact me for additional information and a quote.

Variable price
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Pricing & Packages



All inclusive pre-wedding, details, ceremony, on location bridal party posed photos, and reception. No time or shot limits. Includes a printed photo book.

Combine with an engagement session and get the engagement session 50% off.

1 / 3

$50 Print Package

  • 1 Set of 8 Wallets
  • 1 4x6 Print
  • 1 11x14 Standout Print

All prints are photos of your choice

Price does not include shipping. .

$150 Print Package

  • 2 Sets of 8 Wallets
  • 2 8x10 Prints
  • 1 16x20 Print
  • 1 20x30 Styrene Mounted Print

All prints are photos of your choice.

Price does not include shipping.

Senior Print Package

  • 1 Set of 8 Wallets
  • 2 4x6 Prints
  • 1 8x10 Print
  • 1 Set of 25 graduation cards

All prints are photos of your choice.

Price does not include shipping.

Please note

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