Deadly Sins Studio Shoot

We wanted a unique take on your classic spooky Halloween shoot so in September 2021 we combined creativity, editorial looks, and a spooky theme to create this deadly sins photoshoot. Models were casted to be specific sins and shown an idea of what their makeup looks might be as well as a mood board on their outfits. From there, the models took to their own creativity as well as the professional styling of Bella Farrier (aka Bella Anna Photography) to come up with their unique looks. They were photographed by Bella Farrier (Bella Anna Photography) and Alex Kowalchik (A2 Pix), videoed for both BTS and model videos by Gabriella Anderson. Makeup was provided by film and television MUA Casey Stuckey.

Model Videos by Ella Anderson

Greed: Sa'nia Simpson

Wrath: Bella Cundy

Pride: Jazzy Morino

Envy: Sarah Harrison

Sloth: Lizzy Boyd

Briefs Models Received

Casting by the team, Makeup by Casey Stuckey, Styling by Bella Farrier

Images From Bella Anna Photography

Images From A2 Photography